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Our mission and core values

Each customer is the most important one until the order is received and the customer is happy. Your needs will always be our priority.
Communication is critical. If – for any reason – you have an issue, get in touch with us and we will sort it out as quickly as possible.
We like to establish connections and come up with a feeling of community, so join our discussion boards and blogs for more details.

Where we are

Bowfin Anglers Group

1503 Grant Street
Tyler, TX, 75702, USA

+1 903 840 3139

Feel free to get in touch with us regardless of the issue. It could be to say hello, ask for advice, make a complaint or place an order. Use the phone numbers for emergencies – make sure you call within the opening hours. We will reply all emails within 12 hours and we will reply by post within three working days. However, we also recommend going through the frequently asked questions below – you might find the answer right here.

Answers to our FAQs

1How long does it take for my order to arrive?
We ship internationally. Therefore, your location will play an important role in the process. At the same time, once you go through your checkout, we will provide a few different options for your shipping. You can get a first class shipment that travels much faster, but it will cost you more money.
2How many discounts can I get for an order?
Unlike other shops, we apply as many discounts as possible to each order. You will not be limited to the biggest discount only. In other words, you can get a discount as a first time customer, another one for shipping a large order and another one for ordering over a certain value – up to you.
3Can I ask for advice too?
We have a bunch of experts on site who bring in products and ideas based on the latest tendencies and trends in bowfin angling. Given their experience, they make great choices if you need some advice and tips, especially if you are a beginner. Feel free to get in touch with us and ask your questions.
4Can I order things that you do not have?
No, but you can ask about it. Whether you read about something in a magazine or over the Internet, feel free to ask us for a quote. We will find it for you and give you a price. We will get back to you within 12 hours since the inquiry, so wait patiently and you might find the special offer of a lifetime.
5Are there any guides for your products?
Each of our products comes with basic instructions regarding its use and safety standards. Bigger products come with small manuals of instructions. However, we provide plenty of details over the Internet as well. Therefore, you can go through our blog section and browse our articles for more information.

If you still have questions, contact us and we will get back to you right away. Provide as many details as possible and contacts if you expect a reply.