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How To Vape Properly (Even When You’re In Public Places)

One of the habits that create a bad impression of vapes is based on how you use the vape. Everyone knows how to vape, but not all know how to properly use it especially when you’re at public places. Some people think that they look cool when they huff and puff anywhere with their vape. What they don’t know is that they cause great inconvenience, especially those who can’t stand smoke.

Although the vape juice used in the vape is flavored and is much less offensive than the traditional cigarette smoke, many still view vaping in public as socially unacceptable. A matter of fact, to vape or not to vape in public has been up for debate ever since e-cigarette was introduced in the market.

Some places such as bars, restaurants, parks, offices, and beaches included vapes on its no-smoking bans. Yet, there are still people who use their vape freely in public places – even celebrities are seen puffing some smoke and are exchanging their puff pens.

So whether there’s a smoking ban or none in places where you want to vape, it is safe to practice the following so-called etiquettes in vaping.

Vaping in Public Places

Before you use your vape in places like restaurants, malls or convenience stores, it is best to observe if there are smoking bans ruling out the area. If you haven’t seen any signs, at least look around if there are kids near you. Keep in mind that second-hand smoke is more fatal than first-hand smoke to children and babies because it can cause numerous health problems such as frequent and severe asthma attacks, ear infections, and respiratory infections. In some cases, passive smoking can also lead to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

So, no matter how excited you are to try the new candy king vape juice you just bought from www.eliquid-depot.com, it is best to look for the designated place to smoke or get home instead of to vape privately.

Vaping while on the road

When you’re riding in someone else’s car, you’re the driver’s guest. This means before you decide to puff your favorite vape juice, it is important to ask permission first before you proceed. Keep in mind that both of you and/or the passengers are in a confined space where the vapor you exhale can be distracting to the driver.

If you will be taking a commute, it is best to check if there’s no-vaping policy. If by any chance you will be taking a long journey, it is better to vape on the smoking areas before you hop in. In this way, the urge to vape will lessen until the next stop.

Vaping while on social gatherings

Social gatherings are one way to share the new vape juice, you just discover to be utterly delicious to puff. Yet, if you’re the host of the gathering, it is best to lead the vaping etiquette by setting an example or guiding your guests to do it outside as respect to other people who are not vaping aficionados.