Jergen's Bridge, MN

Jergen's bridge is a bridge on 171st Avenue that crossed over a stream between Lake Guernsey and Little Sauk Lake. The water is pretty muddy and the current going under it is fairly strong. Reeds and cattails surround the entire stream, which many fish hide in. the average depth of the stream is about three-four feet. Underneath the bridge there is a bunch of logs and fence posts that you very often snag into if you're willing to fish under the bridge. You can sometimes see bowfin surfacing for air. I have seen three at one time basking in the shallow bar on the southern area of the east side of the bridge. A cattle farmer owns the land on both sides of the bridge but only the west side is used.

Parking: you can just park off the bridge on the shoulder of the road.

A boat can easily make its way around in there. You can launch a boat at either Little Sauk Lake, or Lake Guernsey. And I think there is a launch somewhere along the stream. Otherwise if you have a kayak those can be easily just carried down to the water from the bridge.

The bowfin will bite all day. But morning and evening seem best. We only used crawlers on the bottom but I can almost guarantee they would take plastics, spoons, spinners, flies, etc.

The best bowfin fishing is on the east end of the bridge without a doubt. They seem to be more concentrated on the northern side of the creek. The average size of fish is over 20 inches. And males seem more common then females. Also the bowfin tend to be much paler in color than anywhere else I've fished.

Aside from bowfin there are many other species inhabiting the creek. To name a few: Northern Pike, pumpkinseed Sunfish, bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass, rock bass, common shiner, golden shiner, Carp, white sucker, big black, brown, and yellow bullhead, yellow perch, even an occasional walleye.

Directions from Osakis, MN:
Drive: 8.8 mi - about 14 minutes
1. Head east on MN-27/E Nokomis St toward 4th Ave E
2. Continue to follow E Nokomis St 0.9 mi
3. Continue on CR-51 2.7 mi
4. Turn left at CR-2 4.5 mi
5. Turn left at 171st Ave6. 0.7 mi
6. Continue until you see the bridge (about .6 miles)

JakeD, 06/16/08

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